Cale is the 2nd generation of Aronson Motorsports. He has spent a large amount of his life learning and living in the shop and around race cars. Cale owns and operates Aronson Motorsports /, which is a source for high performance parts and accessories, as well as provides in house services and on site consulting. Cale spends a lot of time with his customers both here and abroad. Cale obtained his Bachelors Degree in Speech and Organizational Communication from Northwest Missouri State University in 2005 and has used that education in his career in Motorsports through public relations, marketing, and advertising, as well as working with customers.

In conjunction with his own racing efforts, Cale works with dozens of other customers/teams and helps provide winning combinations for them.

Cale spends most of his time at the track working on the clutch and ratio setup on the car, going over all of the data and setting the car up.

"We are a family team, that relies on each other doing our jobs.  We work hard to make this racing success happen, and we win together and lose together." - Cale Aronson

Chuck is the founder of Aronson Motorsports and where it all started.

He is known for his accomplishments early on in the ranks of Mountain Motor Pro Stock. In 1982 he was the runner-up for the National Championship winning several events that year. In 1983 he won the AHRA Pro Stock Championship winning 12 of 14 races and placing runner-up at the other two. That same year he was named IHRA Rookie of the Year.

Chuck has a long standing presence in drag racing, and a deep history in the sport.

At the track you will find Chuck usually working on running valves, swapping tires, changing transmisison sections or pretty much anything else... all at the young age of 71 years old.  He is a racer through and through!

Tinzy Smith "Aronson"

Tinzy has been part of Aronson Motorsports since the beginning of 2006. Cale and Tinzy met while Cale was in attendance of a large Outlaw 10.5 Race in Houston, Texas. Tinzy and her dad were on hand as spectators, but soon after the two met it was only a short time until she was relocating to Chillicothe, Missouri with Cale. Since that time Tinzy has become a very valued member of the team. She has learned to work on almost all aspects of the car, but specializes in data aquisition, clutch, and general maintence between rounds. At the track she is usually covered with clutch dust before each round. Tinzy is responsible for all the final preperations to the car before each run. She is there to strap Cale in, hook up his radio, and get him set. He then sets the tire pressure and runs through the final checklist before the run. 

Cale and Tinzy are engaged to be Married, although through all of the racing obligations and customer service that keeps Cale travling, they are yet to set a date, but plans are being made for the very near future!

Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton is the owner of Shelton Performance.  He has helped the Aronson Motorsports team in recent years as a crew member.  He is known for his ability to build some of the meanest small blocks on the planet and enjoys taking on tough challenges.

Mark is also the owner of Shelton Performance where he specializes in small block Ford race engines. 
Maurice Julius "AKA"

Has come aboard with Aronson Motorsports after working along side Mountain Motor Pro Stock's most loved driver Bert Jackson before his passing.  He constantly puts forth maximum effort on all aspects of the operation.  He has become a valued crew member assisting in everything involved with between round maintenance. 
He also doubles as the team chef, as he has some extraordinary talents in the kitchen!

Boss Aronson

Not only the team mascot, but he also assumes guard duties in the evenings at the track!  He was born on 7-7-07 and thus got the name Boss 707, named after Chuck's original Kaase 707 cid Hemi Pro Stock engine.