Data Acquisition and Interpretation 
With the use of data acquisition such as RacePak, RPM, or other types of recorders, you are able to log and record many crucial parts of each and every run.  The more data that is available the better equipped you can be to make tuning decisions that will propel you in the right direction.  However, often times racers can be overwhelmed with too much information and lose sight of the important items.  There are 3 things that are crucial when tuning on a clutch car in terms of data.  ENGINE RPM, CLUTCH RPM, AND DRIVESHAFT RPM...  This allows you to determine slip and separation along with gear selection options for optimal splits/drops.  We offer tuning consultation for those who need help starting to understand their information and data, along with helping those who just want a little more expertise on the situation.  Data is your friend, and it will lead you to consistency!
Gear Selection and Gear Split Optimization
It is important to understand the effects of gearing and the splits that occur at each shift point.  Gearing is heavily fundamental in understanding how to properly tune your clutch.  By assessing an engine's ability to rev or gain rpm along with the amount of torque and power in can produce in conjunction to the weight of the car and amount of traction that is available, you can ease the engine's work load and allow it to work easier or you can put more load to it causing the clutch to have a heavier load.  The first step to clutch tuning, is truly through the transmission and rear end!
Ignition Timing and Retard Curves
Of course the Digital MSD boxes have now been around for a while and there are even some new products on the market, like their POWERGRID System... but understanding the basics of how ignition timing works and it's ability to control the engine will help you better navigate a touchy track condition.  We offer custom tuned program files as well as coaching through basic setups.